Massa AquaFlow POSTER Exhibition @PIN-UP Gallery, Ginowan, Okinawa, Japan

Surrounded by typography posters. Visitors could take them of from exhibition wall directly to bring it back home, like music heads do in the street.(Though each posters sold in 1,000 JPY as used poster.)

Through this exhibition I found that my posters for local music events have been having effects for youngsters in Okinawa island. (write below, after the image gallery)

What I Found

Through this exhibition, I found:

My typography cheers up People.

I made all wall covered by posters because I wanted to know how it feels whe I surrounded by my typography 360 degrees.

All visitors were cheered up when they entered the room filled with typo posters after they walked through a dark passage with a mirrorball.

Even people outside the local music scene and non-music fans enjoyed this exhibit. That means my typography posters have power to enrich peoples life in the street or inside shops or even in their home. Many people bought posters for their home. I sold more than 80 posters in this small exhibition that attracted about 150 visitors. (That might because that the unstick-the-poster system was attractive.)

Effects for youngsters in Okinawa island. Posters and Music events have power to change the way of life.

Some of visitors told me that my poster works had influence to their life. When they were young, in ther teenagers or something like that, they interested in club music and they had been watching posters in the street. But they are not allowed to enter the music place because of their age. So that They can only imagine what’s going on in the club through the poster. The posters gave them full of imagenary visions.

Especially my works vibes were very new to them. Many years later they found their own name on the music poster I draw.

Being told that, I could know I am communicating so many people in the island, and local communities in other country.

I keep the whole vibes of the event and information from organizers/promotors. And put them in poster with vriety of personalitized letters and words.
People catch them and take it to there daily life by seeing psters and attending the music event, listen to the musics of the communities.

How I’ve contributed to the music scene in Okinawa.

Among the visiter there are faces that I didn’t expect they come from the music scene, which I don’t connected tight. That means to me, my works have influence to other muscian and creators and audiences. This experience gave me a confidence and feeling of the role in the communities.

What I Exhibit.

  • Posters more than 60 titles all cover up the wall.
  • Sound System by Daddy-P hi-fi who have been leading islands bass music culture for 30 years. (people can play their own records or play with sound effect controler)
  • hand-drawn drafts of the posters

in oher small room

  • some of may cover art works
  • some of my logo works

Bar & Drinks

  • they can drink alcohol, ao that they feel like being music events with sound system and music