In This exhibition, I exhibit:

  • Music posters I draw for the very local “Futenma” area.
  • New art series CLOUD, and Camo & Cloud, beside the poster works.
  • Myself working on the wall painting just next to, I can say “Above”, the customer being cut their hair.

To communicate with the people living in the small area surrounded by foreign military bases. Share what we’ve done here, share unspoken feelings od the area, and what we are doing for the future.

Movie (Japanese)

You can check the exhibition scenary and part of works and live-wall painting, and party.

The town Futenma, and its people.

Futenma is a small town very close to Futenma Air Base of the U.S. Military. and also adjacent to other bases. So we feel like we are surrounded by bases.

However resident people are not rich despite f the foreign military and economic influence on the whole island. and there complex that people feel uneasy showing their town name appears in TV with military problems only to the whole Japan society. Also, they are proud of their local.

The hip-hop barbershop in the military town.

The Barber I held the exhibition for their 1st anniversary, they have local youngsters and creators, and also military American people. Half and half, because the barber is connected to hip-hop culture very strongly and they can cut black hair.

Aiming of the exhibition

I set the goal of the exhibition to share the proudness of being here and the wordless feeling of sharing life with the military in this mixed but not melting place with very local people and military people.

  1. Posters: of the events which held in Futenma.

    Once, an organizer told me that local young people feel not easy for showing their town name on TV with military problems only to the whole Japanese society. But they came to feel proud that they have a reggae music party scene in Futenma and it’s become known to all reggae dancehall fans living in mainland japan. And my poster works supporting it.

    So, I planned to exhibit all the posters I had drawn for Futenma events. Usually, events posters aren’t stuck to the wall for a long period, so they don’t get together and people don’t remember how much they had parties in their local communities.

    I made them together in one place.

  2. Cloud paintings: including “Camo & Cloud” seiries.

    “Camo & Cloud” series (white clouds on Camouflage canvas made from military clothes), got two different reactions from the viewer. Local Okinawans reacted emotionally and strongly, but military American people just glanced and went.

    I wrote about it and this series in page here 

  3. New graphics: Unveiling of the new typography works of Barber shop’s motto.

    Barbershop culture is cool for street culture people. And barbers are very proud of their skills and of being a creator.

    To make it more clear and visible, We decided to make new graphics of the unknown and their motto “CITY LIGHT for the NEW PEOPLE”.

    I design them in the barber shop seeing their works and hearing the sound of scissors, watching the sharpness of the hair design, and listening to their relation with customers.

  4. Live wall painting: of the motto.

    During the first half of the exhibition period, I drew the motto direct to the shop wall, just next to, I can say “Above”, the customer being cut their hair. It works as a promotion and content of the exhibition.

    The barbers had watched the full process of their new motto wall, great pride came along to their minds.