In this exhibition, held in a tiny room in a bar,

Massa exhibited himself working on the Cam & Cloud pieces.

So he can display all the materials like real military cloth, and on-going pieces hanging on the wall.

Photo by Hayato Poquitito.

Pieces of Clouds

Hanging on the Wall

AquaFlow Desk version Exhibition
People can view works and all the processes at a time, how Camo & Cloud series are created. At first they enjoy in the graphical point of view. When the viewers realize what these artworks are made from, real military uniforms, then they see the imaginary scenery and find the message which reflect their past life through the floating cloud on the camouflage.
The each piece goes with its process, so all the progress is on the wall.

Beside the wall, on the desk, you can see a piece that the artist is just on. Sometimes it’s just a clothes cut from the back of the military clothes. Sometimes, the Cloth is hammered down with a nail and a hammer.
Sometimes a wandering draft lines on Camouflage. Mainly he draws the line really carefully and slowly, thinking about various things seen from camouflage, clouds, and the touch of the cloth, or even soldiers’ names which are embroidered on the chest.